She has been chosen to coach and judge in the Belgian version of The Voice and has remained a favored guest in numerous radio and television programs in Europe and the Southern USA.

Be it a solo performance, semi acoustic or flaming rock show, here is an artist that can cover it all with ease and experience.

The “eternal vagabond” with the whirlwind voice hasn’t stopped traveling the world nor amazing her public.  Rock has a heart and a soul in the persona of Beverly Jo Scott.

Early Career : Her first 2 cd’s « Honey and Hurricanes » and « Mudcakes » being released by Sony/Columbia, then a live recording « The Wailing Trail » on the same label, later moving on to do several studio cd's on independent labels, as well as 3 live recordings, notably the superb « Cut & Run » as well as an autobiographical DVD. She toured extensively with her own band for over a decade and featured in several special events, including 2 tours in Japan with Deep Forest.

2005: Beverly Jo created a special tribute to Janis Joplin called “PLANET JANIS”.
She debuted the show in two prestigious venues, the AB in Brussels and the world famous Olympia in Paris... both box office sell outs !
Since then over 50 representations of the show have made Planet Janis one of the most talked about events in the Benelux and France.
video : take another piece of my heart
video : i need a man to love
video : mercedes benz

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